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Young child with medical tubing in a hospital room. The child is holding a little wishes bag with green tissue paper and the little wishes logo on the front and the child looks overjoyed

Our Mission

Little Wishes grants the immediate and ongoing wishes of chronically and critically ill, hospitalized children easing their discomfort and bringing them moments of joy.
Little Wishes helps prevent children from losing their identity by tapping into their passions. Children facing difficult medical journeys can identify what makes them happy and wish for something that will fill their hearts and brighten their darkest days.
These “little” wishes become a bright light, providing a sense of control when so much is taken away with illness. Receiving wishes helps our patients replace anxiety, pain, and fear with hope, comfort, and joy.
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Little Wishes Granted!

What Makes Little Wishes so Unique?

All little wishes are granted in the hospital and are delivered by each child’s medical team.
Stylized icon of a nurse with a child. The child has an iv cart and there are speech bubbles above their head with a drawn unicorn, doll, and crown all in different bubbles.

Patients Choose their own Wishes!

We help children tap into their passions and receive what truly brings them joy.

Patients Receive a Wish Every 2 Weeks!

This repetition of joy brings patients a much needed distraction.
Stylized icon of a small child with an iv cart standing next to a calendar. The calendar has circles around days, showing that little wishes come every two weeks
Stylized icon of a child in a hospital bed with a green balloon beside them, a green party hat on and a cake on the hospital bed next to them

Milestone Celebrations set us apart!

Little Wishes celebrates all milestones that children may miss while in the hospital.

Delivering Impactful Moments of Joy

Our little wishes are granted in the hospital 24/7/365 and are delivered by each child’s own healthcare team.
Stylized icon of little wishes coordinator wearing green walking into a hospital holding bags with green tissue paper

A Few Moments of Joy

Picture of a young child wearing a purple tutu, they are holding the sign that says my last day of treatment was tough but I was tougher, May 16 2022. The child is smiling and standing


For three years Djream fought high-risk cancer with a very low chance of survival. Little Wishes was by her side from her very first wish to her end of treatment party and parade!
Child in a hospital bed with an outback steakhouse bag, the child is in a hat and glasses and is smiling as they cut into their food


Having chemo cravings? We got you!
Young child in a hospital bed holding a box with a computer on the front of the box. The child is smiling and looks excited.


“Every day I think about my wishes and they make my day so much better. When I found out I was diagnosed with lymphoma I was so sad, until I found out about Little Wishes. Every time I come back in the hospital after my two week breaks at home, the first thing I think about is writing down my three wishes on that paper."
– Bella
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“Little Wishes has added so much to our lives. Parker has been in and out of hospitals for the last 6 years fighting cancer. When we want him to get in the car to drive one way to the hospital (3 hours), he now gets excited because it is his “wish” day! Thanks for such an amazing gift... “quality of life” when we don’t know what his time will entail.”
– Parker's Mom
“Little Wishes is more than just receiving gifts. It is a way to know you're not alone. It shows there are people out there who care about you and wish you well. You have to be brave and strong to get through cancer and Little Wishes helps with that.”
– James
patient who receives Arsenic infusions daily for his type of leukemia
“When you’re 10 minutes into an 8-hour chemo and your child is screaming to be done, there is literally nothing that turns that mood around more than a Little Wish. It’s absolute magic the way my little one delights at the sight of that white and green bag.”
– Thea’s Mom
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A young child in a purple costume that looks like a princess dress, the child is with an adult and they are both smiling at toys, and they are in a hospital room

Our Hospitals

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Our Hospitals

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Little Wishes now serves 36 hospitals in 21 states. We currently have over 80 hospitals across the country on our waitlist hoping to grant little wishes to their patients.

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